Andrew Souter

Andrew Souter Composer, pianist, producer, sound-designer, mad scientist, DSP-freak, developer & entrepreneur Andrew Souter is a prolific force both creatively and technically. He has composed ProMax award-winning themes for television networks including Discovery, TLC, History Channel and others. He has used his considerable talents on epic game scores for legendary brands such as Disney's Tron with Sonic Mayhem and Centropolis Entertainment's Godzilla in Los Angeles. He has worked with many of the biggest names in electronic dance music, having done artist releases on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Records, as well as working with DJ Sasha on Invol2ver, Moby and David Lynch remixes and other projects. He is the founder of the sound-design and content library company Galbanum, where he has developed thousands of highly esteemed music loops, synthesizer expansions, sound effects, and advanced sound-design resources. He has worked closely with the largest music software companies in the world such as Native Instruments and many others, where he helped create the sound and functionality of tools that define entire genres of electronic music. He is a co-founder, acting president, and primary algorithm designer of 2CAudio, one of the leading audio signal processing developers of this generation and creators of the award-winning reverb products Aether, B2, and Breeze, which have been heard by hundreds of millions of people globally and are used daily on the some of the industry's biggest film, television, music, and game projects. He is an active member of the Recording Association of America, the Grammy P&E and Remix Craft committees, ASCAP, AES, IEEE, USC Alumni Association and other professional organizations. He has recently completed work on the first of a trio of solo piano albums of his personal serious-music compositions which he composed, preformed, mixed, and mastered and are available via iTunes and other outlets.

The Idea Of You is the first of this trio of neoclassical solo piano albums. This projects have been two decades in the making and represent a return to traditional music composition, engaging song-writing, and the pure passion of emotional story-telling. This Andrew's most personal and intimate music. It is quite literally a love project. We hope it may it help you on your journey, as it has us...