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Over 600MB of new content for Rapture and Rapture LE! 1,393 files in total!

400 new pedal-to-the-medal presets, including 138 Bass, 86 Synth, 63 FX, 54 Arpeggio, and 60 Raw Food Presets.

Approximately 1,000 new resources including, Architecture Samples, Architecture Waveforms, Architecture LFOs, SFZ MultiSamples, SFZ MultiWaveforms, and more.


Cakewalk Rapture, Rapture LE, or Sonar 7.x for Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OSX. Intel, AMD, or PPC hardware--a recent model is preferable.

Note: LFO Waveforms are idenitical to those found in Piscis, in order to matain backwards compatibility.

Delivery Format

The Second Coming Rapture Expansion is available for direct download through our web store. Customers may choose to download a Zipped installer application for either the Windows or Mac OSX platform.

Product Description

Prepare for the Second Coming of Galbanum's Synth Expansion Line! First came the lamb, now comes the lion! These are not your grandma's well-behaved retro sounds! The Second Coming Rapture Expansion focuses on aggressive high-energy dance music synths, monstrous techno & electro basses, industrial FX, and big-room arpeggiated chaos. It offers 400 pedal-to-the-medal presets based exclusively on 600MB of new custom resources designed to compliment Rapture's award winning Expression Engine!

Optimised for Rapture and Dimension Pro

SC makes extensive use of Rapture's award winning< Expression Engine and offers the following features:

Stereo Waveforms that produce sounds with massively huge, 3D-like spatial images! Stereo waveforms also give each preset a unique psychoacoustic signature through interaural phase differences allowing sounds to stick out of dense mixes without resorting to excessive effects usage that can muddy the mix.

• Obsessive and extensive use of the Modulation Matrix and MIDI controller assignments which enable complex sound morphing. Say goodbye to static and lifeless presets.

• 80 custom, 64-bit, 65,536 point LFO Waveforms which allow complex fractal-like LFO shapes that cause modulations to morph between slow shifting and fast FM-like behavior.

• Velocity sensitivity, dynamic envelopes, FX input controls and other techniques are also used to produce incredibly expressive and dynamic presets which encourage performance, inspire creativity, and enhance usability.

• 40 velocity cross-faded multi-waveform SFZ instruments which allow velocity dependent shifting and morphing of timbre without even using filters.

• 16 special new "Spectrum Sample" SFZ instruments which stretch across eight octaves and consist of perfectly diffuse band-limited spectrums made up of over 2,000 voices each.

• Second Coming was developed for Rapture version 1.1 or later and makes extensive use of the its new features including new filter modes, new DSP transforms, new signal routing, tempo-synched envelopes, 64bit waveforms, stereo waveforms and more.


Exercise your demons on the dance-floor! The forces of nihilism and decadence collide with humanity in a collision of Hadron proportions. A postmodern peak-hour battle of Armageddon wages on the floor of the big room. Psychoacoustic weapons of mass destruction decimate the sub-woofers and dissolve the self. Accelerated aural mutations breed cybernetic nano-bots which bring about the singularity through tempo-synched white noise bursts. Fight or flight mechanisms, manufactured adrenalin rushes, and FUD disinformation campaigns battle for mankind's mental solvency. Second Coming provides a prophetic, techno-infused score to The End, offered in full technicolor and stereophonics. It's a social caveat, wrapped up in a full spectrum carnival, which warns us all to keep the battle within and identify the true opponent as ourselves.


Shock-and-awe sultans of swing and scrappy subterranean sunset soldiers seeking stupendous sound sorcery, stop searching and simply submit to superior scholarly skill. Subjugate silence, snub scantly slender sonance, secede from slanderously simple sensations, and suppress scandalously spineless sonics. Spew sub-harmonic shrapnel, sling splendid super-sonic spears, secure synthetic synaptic swords shrouded in secrecy, and strenuously stir up the signal with some sensationally stout sonic science. Swarm to our superluminal sonata and score steadfast sound with Second Coming.

Second Coming Rapture Expansion content is suitable for: Techno, Electro, Minimal, Progressive, House, Trance • DnB and Breaks • Electronica, IDM, and Left Field • Trip Hop and Glitch Hop • Film, TV, and Game Scoring • and any other music style that could use a serious kick in the...


Galbanum's Synth Expansion Line leverages the power of its own Architecture line of sound-design resources to contribute a level of detail and precision to the final product that was previously impossible. Architecture resources are created with proprietary DSP processes, unreleased low level mathematical tools, esoteric computer music scripting languages, and similar things. Galbanum is continuously updating and expanding these resources through ongoing private R&D efforts, and Synth Expansion Line products include whichever Architecture resources were used to make the included presets.

Second Coming tightly integrates these Architecture resources into the Rapture Expression Engine and all presets are meticulously designed to synergistically exploit the advantages of both. The result is plug-and-play bliss for the casual user who now has instant access to the bleeding edge without the blood, sweat, and tears normally associated with it. Additionally, adventurous users and more advanced sound-designers have full access to fresh sample content, unreleased waveforms, new SFZ definitions, and custom LFO shapes that can used to develop their own custom presets. Thus both the plug-and-play crowd and more advanced user will find extreme value in Synth Expansion Line products like Second Coming.


“I own ArchitectureCE, Abstraction, Piscis, and now Second coming, and I have found usable, inspiring sounds in all of these products. For me, I definitely get the bang for the buck. More, please!”

“These are so cool... I really like the "black" synth section, they modulate so beautifully. Awesome awesome set. ”

“I was over at your site a few days ago. I love Piscis! and now I see a "coming soon image" next to it... Another expansion for rapture? hopefully?? please??? lol :D”

“I was over at your site a few days ago. I love Piscis! and now I see a "coming soon image" next to it... Another expansion for rapture? hopefully?? please??? lol :D”

“Piscis is amazing! The best sounds I've ever heard in Rapture! Now you have given us Second Coming, and I can't wait to dig in. I frequent the Cakewalk forums and found your "stay tuned" comment (in "Wide Load - Stereo Wavetables in Rapture 1.1/LE" thread) a few days ago intriguing. Now I see what you were talking about. Thanks for producing such wonderful content for Rapture.”

“What I like about Second Coming is that just about all the sounds are very 'usable', with each one having its own unique style. I especially like the 'synth' section; it provides a great selection of distinct sounding instruments. I would also like to say that at first I had a minor problem installing Second Coming, but Mr. Souter emailed me back a quick responce while he was on his hiking vacation! I got it installed in no time. Thanks a lot! Now that's customer service!”