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2CAudio Precedence
2CAudio Precedence11/01/2018

2CAudio Releases Precedence Precedence is a unified field theory of direct sound spatialization and positioning. It produces a self-modulating stereo-image that creates an instantaneous sense of width and presence similar to stereo microphone techniques used in live acoustic spaces. Precedence then uses psychoacoustic principals to position the image within a virtual stage giving ultra precise left-to-right, and front-to-back distance localization, which together with 2CAudio reverbs, creates an incredible sense of hyper-realistic 3D space and specific positioning within this space. Link >

2CAudio Breeze 2.0
2CAudio Breeze 2 and Perfect Storm 303/01/2018

Breeze 2.0 is the first member of the next generation of our award-winning reverb family. We believe it is one of our best efforts to date! Not only does it sound absolutely sublime, but it is also now one of the most efficient reverbs on the market. It's more than twice as light, twice as pristine, simpler, prettier, and vastly more powerful. It's simply better. Over 800 new presets for Breeze 2.0 are also now available to help you get the most out of it, and we have updated our Perfect Storm Pack to 3.0 to include Breeze 2.0 and the new expansions. Link >

2CAudio Releases Kaleidoscope
2CAudio Releases Kaleidoscope01/20/2015

It's a trip! Kaleidoscope is the ultimate sound-design tool and creative effects toy! It is an entirely new class of visual audio effects processors and is one of the most unique generative signal processing tools to come to market in recent history. Technically speaking, Kaleidoscope is a massively parallel bank of physically modeled resonators that can be tuned completely arbitrarily with scientific precision and dynamically modulated over time by over two million points of automation. In simplistic terms, Kaleidoscope uses pictures to control sound! Link >

2CAudio Releases B2
2CAudio Releases B208/01/2012

Full Body. Maximum Attitude. B2 is the third child in 2CAudio's prodigious lineage of world-class reverbs and spatial processors. Each new generation builds upon the lessons learned in the last while offering its own distinctive character and feature set. B2 is a modular dual-engine, non-linear spatial processor featuring built-in harmonic distortion and flexible dynamics. It is our most advanced plug-in to date and is capable of both unprecedented levels creative effects as well as stunningly lush reverbs. It's modular design enables an almost infinite variety of sonic possibilities. Link >

1 Galbanum Releases Abstraction 05
Galbanum Releases Abstraction 0503/24/2011

"Abstraction 05: Wet & Wild Tribe" is a cacophony of tech house and tribal madness performed by sentient underwater robots. Abstraction 05 arrives just in time for the start of the spring and summer club season and is well suited to help evaluate the mood of the opening parties for global sea-side dance music destinations such as Miami, Ibiza, Saint-Tropez, Rio, and other maritime paradises. Enhanced organic percussion performances permeate the package, aided and abetted by heavy creative use of reverb and spatial wizardry. Performances range from lyrical rhythmic phrases suitable for poolside and terrace romances, to full blown 4AM peak-time sprints. Abstraction 05 takes you on a journey in search of the white-whale of all grooves. Link >

2CAudio Releases Breeze
2CAudio Releases Breeze12/10/2010

Like Aether, Breeze is also an ultimate quality, self-modulating algorithmic reverb. Breeze is Aether's pristine eco-conscious cousin and focuses on simplicity, efficiency, and economy. Additionally it offers several of its own exciting new features that have not been offered previously and make it fufill a special need in the market. Breeze is the ideal reverb choice for laptop use, and live performance. Pack Light. Travel Far. Feel the Breeze. Link >

Galbanum Releases Synthesism 01
Galbanum Releases Synthesism 0109/15/2010

Synthesism 01 is the first member of a new series of products in the Galbanum Sample Line. Synthesism loops are designed to be mixed with existing drum and percussion loops to symbiotically fill in the rhythmic gaps, provide a tonal melodic identity, and co-formulate futuristic grooves that are more infectious than a viral marketing campaign. Synthesism 01 focuses on chunky negative-space baselines, angular melodic stabs, ill-behaved electro rudeness, oblique synth heretics, minimal polyrhythmic ostinatos, and asymmetric tonal clusters. Link >

Galbanum Archiecture Waveforms 2010
Galbanum Archiecture Waveforms 201008/04/2010

Galbanum goes Googol! Galbanum Architecture Waveforms 2010, is an absolutely massive collection of over 25,000 meticulously designed wavetables provided in several industry-standard formats. The collection offers vast expansion of available timbre pallet for wavetable synths and is over ten times as large as previous generations! Available for the first time in Camel Audio's Alchemy and 64-bit WAV formats. Link >

2CAudio Releases Aether 1.5
2CAudio Releases Aether 1.504/21/2010

Aether is an award-winning, ultimate quality, self-modulating algorithmic reverb. We believe it is one of the best sounding reverbs on the market at any price point. Aether 1.5 represents a very significant update and offers a huge number of industry-first advances in terms of audio quality and functionality, and is designed to compete directly with the best-of-the-best in both hardware and software. Most reasonable companies would call this a 2.0! This is truly excellence perfected! Link >

Galbanum Offers MetaSynth 5 Bundle
Galbanum Offers MetaSynth 5 Bundle08/03/2009

The wait is over! It is here! MetaSynth 5.0! Welcome back to the power of pixels! U&I Software announced today the immediate availability of MetaSynth 5.0, the next generation, fully Leopard compatible version of its award-winning sound design suite. Galbanum has worked with U&I intimately over the years, and to celebrate the release of 5.0, is offering an exclusive new-user bundle package including all of it's MetaSynth related products at a substantial discount. Link >

Galbanum Releases Abstraction 04
Galbanum Releases Abstraction 0407/24/2009

It began in Africa. Dr. TR-Analog is your guide on this safari through the jungles and grasslands of the ancient-future world of Found-Sound. Poly-rhythmic perturbations and nano-organic chaos constructs channel the spirit of the Mbira, invoke the antediluvian rites of the witch-doctor trance ceremony, and supplant these venerable visions with post-modern urban reincarnations. Transmuted ethnomusicology and club-ready analog grooves interbreed and spawn a new synthesis of composite contrarian bliss, where modern talking drums recite soliloquies that compete with Shakespeare in their metaphorical eloquence. Link >

2CAudio Aether
2CAudio Releases Aether 1.002/27/2009

2CAudio announces the immediate availability of Aether 1.0. Aether is an ultimate fidelity Auto Randomizing Algorithmic Reverb Software plugin available in Windows VST, OSX VST, and OSX Audio Unit formats. We believe it is one of the best sounding reverbs on the market. 2CAudio is a new sister company of Galbanum founded by Andrew Souter, and Denis Malygin. Galbanum will continue to develop content libraries and sound-design tools, and 2CAudio will be dedicated to software and plugin development. 2CAudio will focus on spatial processing, advanced creative effects, and other future-forward ideas. Link >

Galbanum Releases Abstraction 03
Galbanum Releases Abstraction 0310/10/2008

There is harmony in household appliances, there is rhythm in rhubarb, and there is melody in machinery! Embrace the strangely natural and naturally strange. "Abstraction 03: Found Sound Club Edition" is an eclectic all-you-can-eat buffet of domestic "found sound" purposefully polished, refined, and formated into rhythmic loop adders which are designed to spice up your percussive pallet and inject freshness into your grooves. It's a cornucopia of pseudo organic glitch grooves and real-world sampled eccentricism where any household sound - from the hand saw, to the power drill, to literally the kitchen sink - is fair game as a substitution for a normal drum machine. Link >

Second Coming Rapture Expansion
Second Coming Rapture Expansion08/25/2008

Shock-and-awe sultans of swing and scrappy subterranean sunset soldiers seeking stupendous sound sorcery, stop searching and simply submit to superior scholarly skill. Subjugate silence, snub scant and slender sonance, secede from slanderously simple sensations, and suppress scandalously spineless sonics with Second Coming! Link >

Galbanum Piscis Rapture Expansion
Galbanum Piscis Rapture Expansion05/30/2008

Proud Cakewalk progenitors in pursuit of permanently proliferating Rapture's prodigious pad pallet, please prepare to be positively perplexed by powerful potential and perpetual possibility. Plug-and-play purveyors, pick-a-preset princes, and paladin purists, pick up the pace and promptly proceed to purchase Piscis! Link >

Galbanum Releases Abstraction 02
Galbanum Releases Abstraction 0203/08/2008

Modern music production is highly dependent on technical sound-design elements to infuse novelty and uniqueness into the music of today and tomorrow. Abstraction 02 focuses on edgy electronic loop adders, glitched-out synthetic drum phrases, abstract rhythmic freak-outs, deep and techy percussion hits, fresh momentum builders... Link >

Galbanum Releases Abstraction 01 MS
Galbanum Releases Abstraction 01 MS01/07/2008

Abstraction 01 MS is a premium format of Galbanum's Abstraction 01 loop collection for use in U&I Software's MetaSynth 4.0. In addition to reproducing all of the bleeding-edge Abstraction 01 content in MetaSynth native formats, the MS version also offers an additional 200 new loops and grants access to exclusive power tools to transform and mutate new custom loops... Link >

Galbanum Releases Abstraction 01
Galbanum Releases Abstraction 0111/30/2007

Abstraction 01 focuses on unconventional atonal loop-adders, rhythmic textures, glitched-out underground sounds, and unusual percussion hits which are designed to be mixed with conventional music elements to synergistically co-create tomorrow's post-modern platinum grooves... Link >

Architecture Waveforms CE
Architecture Waveforms CE05/16/2007

Architecture Waveforms Cakewalk Edition, is a collection of over 2,500 meticulously designed wavetables provided in standard .Wav sample format for use in Cakewalk Rapture, Cakewalk Dimension Pro and other supported synths and samplers. The collection offers vast expansion of available timbre pallet for wavetable synths... Link >

Architecture Waveforms ABS
Architecture Waveforms ABS05/16/2007

Architecture ABS Waveforms 2, is a collection of over 1,800 meticulously designed wavetables provided in Native Instruments Absynth (GLY) format. Wavetables are single cycle periodic waveforms that form the most fundamental building block of synthesis... Link >

Architecture Volume One
Architecture Volume One01/12/2006

Architecture Volume One is a vast resource library for U&I Software's Metasynth, winner of the 2006 Electronic Musician Editor's Choice Award for best sound-design software. It contains over 10,000 audio samples, graphic files, and high level presets... Link >

Music News

Andrew Souter - Autmn Rains
Andrew Souter - Autumn Rains2015/11/30

"Autumn Rains" is the second installment in a trio of neoclassical solo piano albums composed, performed, and produced by Andrew Souter. "Autumn Rains" is music inspired by the spirit of Agape. It is an album dedicated to the concept of spiritual love and universal compassion clothed in the metaphor of transcendental natural beauty. Link >

Andrew Souter - The Idea Of You
Andrew Souter - The Idea Of You2014/04/12

"The Idea Of You" is the first of a trio of neoclassical solo piano albums composed, performed, and produced by Andrew Souter. These projects have been two decades in the making and represent a return to traditional music composition, engaging song-writing, and the pure passion of emotional story-telling. This Andrew's most personal and intimate music. It is quite literally a love project. We hope it may it help you on your journey, as it has us... Link >

Wayfarer - Whitespace
Wayfarer - Whitespace2014/04/12

Wayfarer is a project name Andrew Souter uses for the deepest of deep ambient space music. This is music that is meant to invoke a sense of traveling without moving to remote and unknowable reaches of outer and inner space. Wayfarer projects are more of sound environments than music in the traditional sense. They are intended to invoke a sense of ineffable awe at the magnificence of the universe, and give a fleeting sense of connection to some form of universal non-human intelligence. Despite, or rather perhaps because of, its humble abstract nature, this is meditative music that implicitly asks big questions, and hopefully inspires big ideas. Link >

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Company News

Galbanum 2014
Designer Sound2016/12/01

After countless hours of hard work we are pleased to share with you our new web store platform. The venerable Galbanum web store which faithfully served our needs for over a decade has morphed into a new entity, Designer Sound Limited, which is now the primary distribution, order fulfillment, and asset management service for 2CAudio, Galbanum, and other select partners.

Designer Sound has been designed to be your centralized hub to learn about and purchase new tools and content as well as to manage your existing assets such as product updates and serial numbers. Your existing account, order history, and assets have been transfered to this new platform. To access them simply logon and go to the My Downloads area of the My Account section of the store. You may use the Password Recovery tool if needed to reset your password. My Downloads is a centralized area that contains all of your product downloads including legacy versions, serial numbers, links to order details, and invoices. It doesn't get much more simple than that!

Designer Sound is founded and run by Andrew Souter of 2CAudio and Galbanum. 2CAudio develops software, Galbanum develops content, and Designer Sound markets, sells, and distributes these products as efficiently as possible so that the technical development teams are free to obsessively focus on RnD and product design in effort to create some of the best products in our industry. If you have additional questions, please see our FAQ and other Info Pages.

Link >

Galbanum 2014
Galbanum 20142014/04/12

Today we are pleased to introduce to you the next phase of Galbanum. As you can see we have a completely new and modernized website that has been redesigned to maximize your experience. All listings for existing product lines have been refreshed and now use SouncCloud for audio demos which makes previewing much more user friendly. We have expanded our professional Services listings to include many examples of the various services we have offered over the years in addition to our esteemed product lines. We are always happy to work with new companies and people in these areas.

Most importantly we have launched the Galbanum Music Division (GMD Limited). This is a record label and publishing company formed primarily to handle the creative output of Andrew Souter and peers. The first release on this label is Andrew's neoclassical solo-piano album "The Idea Of You." This may surprise some of you who have come to know us for extreme sound-design, but this is something we are extremely passionate about and we encourage you to read the first two questions in our FAQ to understand why we are so passionate about it. In a one sentence summary: Galbanum has always been about two things: "Sonic Science" and "Aural Allusion". GMD Limited has been formed to expand the "aural allusion" half of our motto and extend our interest in effective emotional story telling to reach as many people as possible. All work on the GMD Limited label is available for sync licensing.

2014 will also see the release of many new and exciting sound-design and content libraries from Galbanum. We are also currently in the final stages of a new 2CAudio product that will truly blow your mind. This new project further augments the synergies between 2CAudio and Galbanum and has been in development for several years now. We are extremely excited to unveil it to you all shortly. More on these topics very soon. Link >

Moby Victoria Lucas Sasha Remix
Moby Victoria Lucas Sasha Remix04/11/2011

One of the best producers in the world, remixed by one of the best producers in the world: The Moby Victoria Lucas Sasha Remix was an amazing project. Galbanum's Andrew Souter provided "musical sound-design" elements to Sasha for this project. Truly an honor as always! Link >

Tron Evolution Score
Tron Evolution Score12/17/2010

Galbanum founder Andrew Souter had the honor and privilege to work with leading LA composer Sascha Dikiciyan on Disney's Tron Evolution project. As a futurist at heart, this was a very special project, and the nature of the narrative really necessitated some extreme cutting-edge sound-design techniques. MetaSynth, Aether, and Breeze were used extensively. Link >

Sound On Sound Award Nomination
Sound On Sound Award Nomination12/15/2010

We are honored and humbled to announce that Sound On Sound magazine has nominated 2CAudio's Aether the prestigious 2011 SoS Annual Award for "Best Software Plug-in: Effects". This is a very prestigious award from a very well respected publisher, and we are very grateful to receive this nomination. Link >

Sasha David Lynch "I Know"12/15/2010

Galbanum founder Andrew Souter had the honor and privilege to work with Sasha and again on his latest remix project: David Lynch's "I Know". Sasha was recently voted into the Top Ten DJ's of all time by Mixmag readers. Being a huge Dune fan, this project carried an extra helping of geek pride! MetaSynth, Aether, and Breeze were used extensively. Link >

Sonic Academy Features Aether
Sonic Academy Features Aether07/28/2010

Sonic Academy produces excellent video tutorials and recently produced a new series on reverbs. Aether was featured heavily, and highly recommended. SA summarized: "To my ears it sounds pretty amazing and I have run through quite a few of these plugins. For bang for your buck, I think this is by far the best!" Link >

Audio News Room Finds Favorite Reverb
Audio News Room Finds Favorite Reverb06/01/2010

ANR: "I just found my favorite reverb plugin. 2CAudio has succeeded in producing an incredibly deep reverb plugin with an intuitive user interface and workflow. Aether produces immense immediate gratification for the grab and go engineer, but allows for nuanced and sophisticated processing if the user is so inclined. Amazing sound that rivals top shelf hardware!" Link >

Aether Wins the 2010 EM Editor's Choice!
Aether Wins the 2010 EM Editor's Choice! 01/01/2010

We are honored and humbled to announce that Electronic Musician magazine has awarded 2CAudio the prestigious 2010 Editor's Choice award for Best Signal Processing Software. This was for version 1.0. With version 1.5 out now, we hope to continue our legacy even further. Link >

Big Fish Audio Distribution Partnership
Big Fish Audio Distribution Partnership 07/24/2009

We are pleased to announce our Sample Line products are now distributed by Big Fish Audio in US. Big Fish Audio will distribute both download as well as physical versions of Galbanum products as they become available. We are honored to begin a new relationship with the US leader in content libraries. Link >

Aether Wins Award from Musician's Life
Aether Wins Award from Musician's Life07/15/2008

2CAudio's Aether has just won the "Redaktionstipp" Award from Musician's Life, DE. This is the German equivalent of an Editor's Choice award. The review is very thorough and highly recommended to all German native speakers. We are not real sure what it says, but it must be good! When we asked what the award meant, we were told "it means You should buy it!" Link >

Aether Wins Two CM Awards and 10/10!
Aether Wins Two CM Awards and 10/10!07/01/2009

2CAudio's Aether plug-in has just won the Editor's Choice Award, the Performance Award, and has been awarded a 10/10 review score from Computer Music Magazine, UK! Two down, two to go! The review is available in the July 2009 edition. CM is also hosting 2CAudio & Galbanum give-away contest in the August edition, and an interview with Andrew Souter in the September edition. Link >

NI Maschine Licensing
NI Maschine Licensing02/01/2009

Galbanum has licensed sample content to Native Instruments for the latest member of the NI product family: Maschine. Maschine is an industry leading software drum machine combined with integrated hardware controller. We are always happy to work with industry leaders such as NI, and honored to be a part of a product such as Maschine. Link >

Loopmasters Distribution Partnership
Loopmasters Distribution Partnership10/01/2008

Galbanum has entered into a distribution partnership with the UK sample production and distribution company Loopmasters. Galbanum Sample Line products are now available for digital download through the newly revamped Loopmasters webstore. Link >

Beat Magazine Editor's Choice Awards
Beat Magazine Editor's Choice Awards10/01/2008

The German Magazine Beat has awarded Galbanum two Editor's Choice awards one for Abstraction 02 in the 2008-09 edition, and a second for Piscis awarded in the upcoming 2008-12 edition. Thank you Beat! We hope and strive to win many more! Link >

Sasha Invol2ver
Sasha Invol2ver09/15/2008

Galbanum founder Andrew Souter had the honor and privilege to work on Invol2ver with Sasha and team over the last year. Souter contributed "additional sound-design" parts to the project using many of the same tools which are used to produce Galbanum products. The new album has already peaked at number one on the Itunes dance music chart! Link >

Camel Audio Alchemy Licensing
Camel Audio Alchemy Licensing09/15/2008

Galbanum has licensed wavetables to UK virtual instrument and effects developer Camel Audio for their new product Alchemy. Alchemy strives to be the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer. It's a synth powerhouse and yet is very easy to use thanks to its performance controls and remix pads. Link >

Cakewalk Expansions Distribution
Cakewalk Expansions Distribution09/01/2008

Galbanum has once again partnered with Cakewalk to co-market and distribute its Rapture Expansion products. Piscis is available now at the Cakewalk webstore and the Second Coming will arrive shortly. Cakewalk has also been distributing Galbanum's Architecture Waveforms CE product for some time. Link >

Scoring Project wins Promax Award
Scoring Project wins Promax Award08/15/2008

Galbanum founder Andrew Souter co-composed, produced, mixed, and performed sound-design for the Discovery Channel's HD Theatre high-definition channel launch ad campaign. We have just leaned this campaign has won a 2008 Promax award which is the highest accolade in the advertising world. Link >

Future Audio Workshop Licensing
Future Audio Workshop Licensing07/01/2008

Galbanum has licensed wavetables to Irish upstart, Future Audio Workshop, for its new and innovative product Circle. Circle makes great use of the Galbanum waveforms and is an exciting new product which takes an intuitive and visual path to sound design. It is a powerful and easy to use synth. Link >

NI Massive Licensing
NI Massive Licensing09/15/2006

Galbanum has licensed wavetables to Native Instruments for the award-winning Massive product. Massive is NI's current flagship synth, and offers a huge number of innovative features. We are very honored to begin a licensing relationship with the world leader of software instruments. Link >

NI Absynth Sound Design
NI Absynth Sound Design08/15/2006

Galbanum founder Andrew Souter has joined the Native Instruments sound design team beginning with the Absynth 4 product launch. Souter will now contribute his skills to the factory banks of newly developed NI products as they become available. Link >